Dimensional Corp. knows that every successful project starts with detailed planning. The pre-construction phase of a project is the initial planning and coordination focused on the client’s goals and expectations.

Our pre-construction services include pre-bid site surveys, budget numbers for lease negotiations, value engineering, design services, and architecture and engineering services, and much more. Dimensional Corp. uses pre-planning as a proactive approach to identify and outline even the smallest details that make up a project.

Pre-construction planning also helps to bring the project to life on paper. You can expect a smoother building phase when all the details are clearly outlined during the pre-planning phase of our approach.



Through the use of our General Contracting services, Dimensional Corp. is fully accountable for all construction related activities on a project and delivers a final product that meets the agreed upon specifications, schedule and budget.

While clients are kept apprised of all job-related progress through regular meetings with the project team, Dimensional Corp. manages the details of the project scope and therefore the client is relieved from the day-to-day oversight of the project.



Dimensional Corp. does not believe that construction ends the day the project is turned over. Our post-construction services ensure a comprehensive close-out of all parts of your project. It gives you peace of mind knowing that we are still here for you even after we exit your Jobsite for the final time. In fact, we hope that the end of your project marks the beginning of a long-term relationship with us.

As stated previously, we pride ourselves on repeat business. We want to build relationships with our clients to give them the comfort to know that they are in good hands and will be taken care of.


Structural Steel Repairs and Restoration

Structural Steel Repairs and Restoration: With today’s building construction consisting mostly of Structural Steel, there will also be times where the structure requires repairs, modifications, even replacement. This can be due to age, weathering, and other factors. The Pyramid team does their due diligence in understanding each connection and the structural members’ importance to ensure a seamless restorative process. 

Services We Provide:

The Scope Of Work In This Category Can Range From;

  • Structural Steel Beam Repairs
  • Structural Steel Beam Modification & Reinforcement
  • Structural Steel Installation & Re-framing
  • Column Repairs & Reinforcement
  • Spandrels Beam Repairs & Replacement
  • Steel Dunnage Installation, Replacement, or Reinforcement
  • Water Tank Steel Structure Repairs & Replacement
  • Scrape, Priming, Painting of Structural Members
  • Waterproofing of Structural Members

Note: Pyramid works diligently in providing the most dedicated services for all repairs as well as structural steel repairs. Our team understands that the type of construction makes the building. We ensure we receive all required permits with all building agencies in and around New York, as well as management and ownership approval to ensure a seamless transition and completion of the repairs project successfully.

Rigging, Scaffolding, andSidewalk Shed Installation

Safety goes hand in hand with construction, so when something is getting built or fixed, proper safety measures need to be in effect prior to the commencement of any work. Pyramid is here to work closely with all agencies and the building management to ensure all safety precautions are met.

Services We Provide:

The Scope Of Work In This Category Can Range From;

  • Suspended Scaffold Installation at all areas of the building for Inspections and Repairs
  • Pipe Scaffolding Installation
  • Sidewalk Bridge Installation for Short or Long Term safety measures
  • Special Rigger for Construction Operations
  • Provision of Sidewalk Shed Plans
  • Provision of Site Safety Plans and Managers for buildings over 16 Stories
  • Installation of Decorative Sidewalk Shed such as Urban Umbrella to showcase Commercial Properties throughout construction.

Note: Pyramid understands the requirement for safety in and around NYC. Our team strives to provide the highest level of safety and security for both our clients and the buildings we are working on. No item shall be overlooked in ensuring that safety requirements are met when fulfilling our strive for the highest level of craftsmanship at all of our buildings.

Sidewalk Repairs, Replacement, and Restoration

With so many streets in and around New York, there are bound to be locations that require some repair. Pyramid is here to accommodate from the simplest curb patching to full vault repair and sidewalk replacement. Pyramid will accommodate in pulling all required permits from the corresponding agency to ensure a seamless job from inception to completion.

Services We Provide:

The Scope Of Work In This Category Can Range From;

  • Roofing Replacement and Recovery (Wood or Concrete deck)
  • Roof Repairs (Base Flashing Repairs, Roof Patching, Curb Enlargement, Roof Field Area Modifications)
  • Green Roof Installation, Solar Panel Design and Installation
  • Pavers Installation and Modification
  • Dunnage Repairs and Replacement
  • Water Tower Repairs and Bulkhead Roof Rehabilitation
  • Skylight Installation
  • Drain Installation, Modification, and Replacement
  • Wood Deck Replacement and Rehabilitation

Note: Pyramid understands how a struggling sidewalknot only affects the aesthetic of a property, but the pedestrians’ safety on the street as well. Working with all city agencies, With our attention to detail, Pyramid ensures that sidewalk repairs does not impede surrounding traffic or the business or property in front of the work.

Balcony & Terrace Repairs, Restoration, and Rehabilitation

New York is home to hundreds of Landmarked Properties with rich history and elegance. Our team pays the utmost attention to detail when providing Restorative work at Landmarked Properties to guarantee a seamless and exact look as existing to exemplify the historic appeal of the building.

Services We Provide:

The Scope Of Work In This Category Can Range From;

  • Balcony or Terrace Slab Restoration and Patching
  • Balcony or Terrace Curb Repairs, Modification, or Installation
  • Pedestrian Traffic Coating Application
  • Railing Code Compliance Modification
  • Railing Re-coating and Repairs
  • New Railing Installation or Replacement of Existing
  • Drain Replacement & Installation
  • Ponding & Drainage Solutions

Note: Having a balcony or terrace not only allows for an extra space on the property, but an open atmosphere to the surroundings. Pyramid understands the importance of keeping a balcony or terrace well maintained for future use and ensured safety for its users. Our team works diligently to guarantee that our repairs will have our clients assured of their safety and enjoyment of their private space for years to come.

Garage Rehabilitation and Repairs

Accompanying a majority of buildings to accommodate the residents or the public are parking garages. Although over time, wear and tear can occur from vehicular traffic and movement. Pyramid is here to provide Garage Restorative services and repairs to ensure a safe surface for future traffic to seamlessly drive on.

Services We Provide:

The Scope Of Work In This Category Can Range From;

  • Concrete Topside & Underside Repairs
  • Concrete Refinishing & Traffic Coating Application
  • Steel Beam & Structural Repairs
  • Q-Decking Repairs & Replacement
  • Expansion Joint Replacement & Repairs
  • Striping Application
  • Post Tension Repairs
  • Wheel Stop and Curb Installations & Replacement

Note: With garages ranging from size and space, our team recognizes the challenges of restoring and maintain such large structures, especially exposed garages. We diligently assess all aspects and areas of the garage that requires rehabilitation prior to performing any repairs. Our restorative work and repairs will be durable for constant vehicular traffic and movement for the years ahead and to the clients satisfaction.